So you want to buy a power boat? Where do you get started? You start with the boat buyer’s consultant, Help2BuyBoat.


We will interview you and determine what type of boat is best for your needs. Do you want to water-ski? Do you want to be able to spend some quality time with your family? Do you want a second home deduction? These are just a few of the questions we will ask you when we interview you.


The services offered by Help2BuyBoat:


We will e-mail you information on boats that fit your criteria.  Once you have decided, we will contact brokers and ask the right questions. We will ask for repair records.  Once both of us are happy with the answers, we will refer you to a broker that is a member of multiple listing services. We will direct you to sites that have the true value of the boat you are looking at. You have now made an offer to buy, conditional on a marine survey.


What is a marine survey?

A marine survey is analogous to a home inspection before buying a house. You should never buy a boat without one.  We will refer you to marine surveyors.

Once this is done, you may have to finance it and you do need to insure it. We will refer you to people that can help with this.


Congratulations. You are now the proud owner of a power boat. Now imagine yourself out on the ocean. Do you know where you are going?  Help2BuyBoat also offers GPS and charting instructions. You should never leave a dock without a GPS and a chart.


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